Products & Service Partners

Knowing the best products and services for our members is our priority. We thoroughly evaluate all products and services and approve based on:

nla products & service partners Needs identified by the participating groups

Vision and strategy of the NLA to develop innovative services

Commitment of resources to common objectives

Willingness to develop a working relationship

Recognition of opportunities and commitment to working with coalitions

Agreement to negotiation and implementation of formal agreement which includes monitoring performance

Willingness to provide transparency and access to information for audits

We are always looking for new products and services to recommend to our members. Contact us today to begin the process of being one of our first-class partner organizations.


Absolute Solutions

Radiology Benefit Management is a system set up to better manage the cost and service of highly utilized and expensive procedures such as MRI, CT, PET Scans and other diagnostic tests.  This program is unique in that it expands benefits and lowers cost for the insured through $0 co-pays.  It also greatly reduces overall costs for the Funds through lower contracted network rates.



A recognized leader in contracting with providers for bundled case rates that include the various surgery charges in a single discounted price.


EPIC Hearing Healthcare 

Provides access to more than 5,000 hearing providers nationwide, along with a wide selection of custom-programmed hearing aids.


The NLA Advantage Medical Stop-Loss Product

The NLA Advantage Stop-Loss product provides individual Funds with medical stop-loss insurance while leveraging their combined purchasing power. The program allows each Fund to benefit in the success of a larger pool, while still being underwritten based on their individual experience and needs.

Proactive claim containment capabilities from HCC Life (A++) and Knight International, both leaders in self-funded risk, help protect each Fund’s bottom line.

Unique features include up front discounts, early lock in, and the potential for premium holidays.

With over thirty Funds and $10 million in premiums, the NLA Advantage Medical Stop-Loss product meets the goals of transparency, competitive rates, high quality coverage, and supportive administrative services.

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National Vision Administrators, LLC (NVA) 

Since 1979, NVA has offered cost-effective, customizable, high-quality, vision benefit programs to Union Health and Welfare Funds. NVA is an independent US-based company with no outsourced services and an AFSCME-represented workforce. NVA members have access to a network of nearly 100,000 vision care access points in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
Endorsement Press Release January 2021


Optum Healthcare 

A credit balance and payment integrity solutions to member funds.


OptumRx: Optum Perks Discount Card 

A money-saving health care solution specifically designed for NLA Members.


Teladoc Health 

The NLA and Teladoc Health have a shared goal of changing the way healthcare is delivered — creating a new kind of healthcare experience — one with greater convenience, outcomes, and value.

The global virtual care leader, offering the only comprehensive virtual care solution spanning telehealth, expert medical, and licensed platform services.

Partnership Press Release October 2020


U.S. Preventive Medicine 

A leader in corporate wellness and population health management that combines innovative workplace wellness programs with health coaching and care management.


Willis Towers Watson Retiree Health Solutions 

For over a decade, Willis Towers Watson’s Medicare Marketplace has partnered with multi-employer funds and unions to dramatically reduce retiree health care costs while providing comprehensive retiree coverage.