About Us

alliance of labor unionsThe National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions (NLA) is the largest alliance of labor unions (Taft-Hartley funds) and labor management coalitions. Our members are purchasers of a wide variety of health services, working together to increase the values in their offerings and benefits. Our members are located throughout the United States and Canada. They serve over 6 million covered lives combined.

Today’s health care system has many challenges for both plan sponsors and participants. Members of the NLA formed this organization to take these pain points and turn them into opportunities for change. Their vision:

To be an advocate for building a better health care system for members.

union worker healthcare options

The core values of the NLA shape how they achieve their goals. The NLA is:

  • Dedicated to the principles of the American Labor Movement
  • Serving as a national voice of health care concerns and issues
  • Committed to:
    • Promoting the Health Care Coalition Concept
    • Serving the needs of membership
    • Providing information to participants that empowers them to make better health care decisions
    • Adhering to the principles of ethics, equity and integrity

The NLA achieves this vision with specific goals to:

  • Maximize the penetration of the NLA stop-loss endorsement products through awareness
  • Reduce costs through economies of scale and increased information
  • Be a resource to support the development of local and regional coalitions, specifically through marketing the benefits of coalitions
  • Assess, evaluate and prioritize the needs of regional coalitions
  • Share best practices knowledge
  • Identify a measurement system that determines the goal and mission progress of the NLA
  • Superior communication efforts

The National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions is operated and governed by a group of dedicated volunteers. Together, they shape and drive the mission of the organization forward. Their work provides advantages in health care service, quality and cost to members and their plan participants.

Executive Committee

Fred Brown
Pacific Health Coalition

Linda Vincent
Executive Vice President
Affiliated Health Funds

Joanne Lye-Mckay
International Union of Operating Engineers

Cassandra Murphy
Connecticut Coalition of Taft-Hartley Health Funds

Administrative Staff

Managing Director
National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions

Administrative Services Manager
National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions